Retaining walls

Many properties have grading or are positioned on a sloped terrain. When any kind of landscaping is being created on these properties, it is not always possible or required to level out the land. As a matter of fact, Pools Patios Ponds has used these natural slopes very effectively in many landscaping projects to create very effective levels in gardens. But this kind of a project has to be approached with a lot of care.

Retaining walls

Types of Retaining Walls

Though we like to make use of all the natural grading, we also have to add retaining walls to makes these areas safe. These functional walls prevent soil erosion and keep steps and driveways from caving in. We also use retaining walls very effectively to create patio spaces as well as parking spaces. We have extensive expertise in this field and have created the most stunning landscapes with the right positioning of retaining walls such as:

  • Gravity Walls – These resist the pressure from behind
  • Cantilevered Walls- They hold horizontal pressure & convert it into vertical pressure
  • Piling Walls- These walls are generally used in tight spaces and soft soils
  • Anchored Walls- They could be any of the designs that we just talked about, but have cable reinforcement and are anchored into the  rocks and soil around them

Retaining walls

Benefits of Retaining Walls

We are professional landscapers and can help you choose the right areas where retaining walls have to be built. Even as we focus on strength, durability and functionality, we ensure that the best materials and craftsmanship is used in their installation. We use a range of materials in the construction of these walls and ensure that they match the other elements in the landscaping. Take a look at some benefits of these walls:

  • Value Addition- Home improvements add to the value of your home and adding retaining walls is one simple and effective way of upping the value of your property. They add a lot of versatility to the spaces around your home and make your home look more attractive as well.

  • Low Maintenance & Durability- These walls are extremely low maintenance. Once they have been constructed, there isn’t much you have to do for their upkeep. If you have a dry stack wall you might want to move the placement around occasionally. They require very little repair and can withstand the elements very effectively for decades.

Retaining walls
  • Functionality- Accurately-engineered retaining walls, such as the ones that we have built on many properties in homes across Mentor, Eastlake and Willowick, can withstand a lot of weight. It can hold back soil and water and provides the right support for plants and trees. Adding seats to the structure adds to their functionality.

If you have landscaping problems due to graded land, call Pools Patios and Ponds without delay. We will survey your property access your requirement and provide you with cost-effective quotes for the most attractive retaining walls in and around Painesville.

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