Koi ponds

Koi ponds

Ponds are amazing water features. They add a very soothing look to the landscape they sit in and also make the place look more alive.  There are a variety of ponds that you can choose from, but Koi Ponds are integral features of landscapes that have been designed on an Asian theme. But this is not a norm- Pools, Patios Ponds has installed Koi Ponds in many gardens in homes across Mentor, Eastlake, and Willowick. For those who are new to the concept, Koi are essentially domesticated carp and are now used to adorn ponds in many homes in and around Painesville.

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If you like a tropical ambiance and want to create one in your backyard, we can build the most beautiful ponds on your property. We are very creative and insightful with all our landscape designing concepts and can create exquisite Koi Ponds for woodland or Mediterranean-styled settings too.

Important Design Factors

Koi ponds

Though Koi Ponds have a very quaint and traditional feel to them, contemporary homes now also sport them. The key aspects of having a thriving fish pond are design and maintenance and we focus on both these factors while designing them. But these ponds are not just about creating a pond and then adding fish to the water in it. Only expert installers can handle Koi Ponds projects to perfection and we focus on:

  • Design- When you contact us for a Koi Pond, we first come and survey the area and see if it is suitable for this kind of a pond. This is especially important as these ponds are much larger than standard ponds and have to be of a certain depth and size.

  • Position- When we survey your yard we try to look for the perfect place for your Koi Pond. The Koi fish need shade to survive in a healthy manner. Thus if there isn’t a sufficient amount of shade in your yard, we will then suggest that floating plants such as lilies be set in the water.

  • Filtration- This is another important aspect of Koi Ponds. We also ensure that a very good pond filter is installed. This helps in keeping the pond clean and clear and you can choose from mechanical or biological filtration systems.

Koi ponds
  • Aeration- Fish require oxygen to survive. Based on the number of fish you have in your pond and the number of plants growing in it, we might suggest that you consider aeration. This can be achieved by adding fountains/waterfalls to the ponds, which helps in natural circulation of water. Alternatively, we can also install equipment like aeration jets/ pumps. These are beneficial if the fish are very large.

The space that is created around a Koi Pond can be your peaceful retreat from the noise and din around you. It is the perfect place to unwind and reflect in solitude. For the best Koi Ponds in and around Painesville, contact Pools, Patios Ponds via our website and we will call you right back.

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